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Raiz Digital Transformation

September 26, 2022

A Letter from our CEO:

January 12, 2022

At Raiz Federal Credit Union, your success is our number one priority! Over the last
several months, Raiz has elevated our Red Carpet Service into innovative, new,
digital services. These conveniences will provide our membership with leading-edge
technologies, effortless digital banking and a more convenient branch experience: a
complete Digital Transformation!

This “Digital Transformation” started during the pandemic as our members
increased the use of our online services. We heard from many of you how the
convenience of “banking on-the-go,” compliments your busy lifestyles. Now, in the
second phase of our digital transformation our branches have been transformed
into a new self-service ATM model. These new ATMs will help facilitate your routine
branch transactions intuitively and conveniently, all with our signature Red Carpet
Service experience. Eventually, these ATM’s will be available 24/7. Yes, all-day, and
all night!

Our new branch model does not include the termination of any of our dedicated
staff. On the contrary, we are taking the opportunity to invest in our staff with
training and development to foster higher-skilled and higher-paying roles at Raiz.
Our new highly trained staff will be made available to guide you through the use of
the ATMs and our new branch model.

We look forward to providing you with the excellent service you expect, while
continuing to be a trusted financial services provider for the El Paso community. The
adoption of this new model allows our credit union to be at the forefront of what is
quickly becoming the norm for all financial institutions across the country.

We understand that you may still have some questions about this exciting change,
and we are attaching a set of our most asked questions for you to review.

We aim to make your banking experience convenient and enjoyable.

Thank you for your valued membership and continuous support,

Max Villaronga
President & CEO
Raiz Federal Credit Union

Digital Transformation Frequently Asked Questions

So, you won’t have any more tellers in your branches?

Correct. Gradually all our branches will be converted to have no tellers. Instead
branches will have new high-performing self-service ATMs which will be easy for you
to use and provide you access to complete the most common teller transactions
you need.

Are the machines going to have video tellers to conduct transactions?

No. These will be self-service ATMs without video tellers.

Will I be able to deposit, withdraw, deposit my check, etc. with these new ATMs?

Yes, you will! With these new ATMs you will be able to do the main teller
transactions that you are accustomed to. These include:
  • Depositing Cash
  • Depositing Checks
  • Withdrawing Cash, up to $2,500 daily limit
  • Transferring from your saving to checking accounts
  • Checking your account balances
  • Bills available in the following denominations at all in-branch and drive-up Raiz ATMs: $1, $5, $20, $50, and $100.
For all other transactions, you will still have the capability of conducting them with
the help of our team members at the branch. New enhancements to the ATMs will
also be made in the future to give you even more innovative features.

What will I need to use these new ATMs that will be replacing tellers?

You will need a Raiz Debit Card to use the ATMs. They will work with the PIN that
you already have set up on your cards. If you need any assistance in getting a debit
card, please visit any Raiz branch location as soon as possible. There is no cost to
get a debit card, unless you opt for one of our Spirit Debit Card options ($5).

I like the personal face-to-face service. What will I do now when I have an issue or need help?

Team members will still be present at the branch during normal business hours to
assist you with any of your needs.

Is this happening at all Raiz branches or just some?

This change will happen at all our branches. Gradual changes will be made starting
now and are expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Why are you getting rid of tellers at your branches?

We have made the strategic decision to make this change to grow Raiz and pave
the way in creating an innovative branch experience, which will soon be the future
of the financial services industry. These new technological investments will
decrease operational costs, which will lead to better interest rates and dividends for
you to enjoy, and also allow you limited branch access 24 hours a day.


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