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Active Scam Alert Posing as Raiz FCU Loan Department

May 25, 2023

You deserve peace of mind knowing that we work diligently to protect you and your finances. To better your defense against identity theft, we will frequently update you of active scams that might affect you.

After an internal investigation, it has been reported that Raiz members are actively being targeted with spoofing emails. In these emails the sender, posing as a Raiz FCU employee, is requesting confirmation and agreement to a personal loan in attempt to steal members identity.

Please do not reply, click on any links, open attachments, or call the phone number listed in the email. If you have recently applied for a Raiz personal loan and have questions we suggest you call us directly.

Contact us here.

For your reference it will look like this:



Stay proactive by being aware of the common red flags found in scams and fraud:

  • Never share your account information with anyone. Do not reply any unsolicited emails.
  • Verify the authenticity of the email or any phone call by immediately contacting us directly at the listed phone number on our website, not from other un-credible sources.

If you think that you may have accidentally revealed sensitive information or are a victim of a scam, contact us immediately.

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