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Business Share Secured Loans

Don't Let Lack of Funding Slow Your Business Down

Get the funds you need to grow your business with a secure loan that's backed by your current share certificate or savings account. This helps you get approved faster with a lower rate.



It's not always easy to find funding to grow your business, and traditional business loans come with long approval processes and high rates. With a business share secured loan from Raiz, you can borrow against your current share certificate or savings account to get fast funding and low rates without needing to jump through hoops.


Low Fixed Rates

Not only are the rates low, but they're also fixed. They won't change over the term of the loan to make it easy to plan your finances.

Flexible Terms

Choose a term that works for your business and budget, so you can easily pay off the loan.

No Additional Fees

Keep more money in your account without having to pay additional fees to use your business share secured loan.

Quick Turnaround Time

Since the loan is backed by your share certificate or savings account, you can apply and access your funds much faster than other loan options.

Share Account Interest Growth

Even when you borrow against your share certificate or savings account, your funds will continue to accrue interest. You don't need to put a hold on your fund growth.

Low Fixed Rates

Know Exactly what You'll Need to Pay

Business share secured loans typically have lower rates compared to most conventional business loans. Not only are the rates low, but they won't change over time, making it easy to predict your monthly payments and stay on budget.

Quick Turnaround Times

Get the Funds You Need Fast

Don't wait around for the funds you need to keep your business moving. The application process for a business share secured loan is much faster than most standard business loans, and you can get access to the funds in no time!

Why Choose Raiz?

Our financial experts are some of the best, but really our motivation is you. Here is what we are doing today to reach a brighter tomorrow.


We work hard to make your money work for you. Reap the benefits of our innovative products and services that provide you with high dividend checking accounts, low interest on loans, and great rates on savings and retirement accounts.


Your money never sleeps, and neither do we. Raiz members have 24/7 access to digital banking and an online support chat available to help with all your banking needs.


We don’t just want to help you manage your money, we want you to thrive! Raiz provides free, award-winning online courses that cover an array of topics for every stage of your life.

Start your financial journey today.

Rising up our community is what drives us forward. We dedicate our time, funds, and resources to organizations and initiatives that are committed to making a difference.

How It Works

Keep your organization moving and get a business share secured loan in just three easy steps:

  • 1

    Complete an Application

    Schedule an appointment at your local branch to fill out the online application.

  • 2

    Get Approved

    We'll crunch the numbers and let you know if you're approved quickly.

  • 3

    Grow Your Business

    Get access to the funds to help your business grow.

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Business Share Secured Loans

Get the Funds You Need to Keep Your Business Moving

Enjoy fast and easy funding to grow your company with a low-rate business share secured loan from Raiz.

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