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Digital Banking

Digital banking makes managing your finances easy.

Raiz built digital banking to make managing your funds simple, straightforward and accessible, no matter where you are.


New digital banking and Raiz mobile app

Our new digital banking platform was developed with you in mind! We’ve improved your experience with easier account management, more intuitive navigation, top-in-class security, and an overall improved look and feel. Plus, you’ll now be able to do even more.

New features

Voice enabled chat

With your digital personal assistant, you can easily manage your account and get answers to your most common questions.

View your credit score

Monitor your credit score and redeem pre-qualified offers.

Easy-to-use budgeting and savings goals tools

View your spending habits and track your progress toward your savings goals.

Person-to-person payments with Zelle®

Coming soon, Fall 2023 – Send or request money from anyone using their phone number or email address.

Enhanced card management tools

Turn your Raiz cards on and off for extra security, set travel notices, manage your spending with alerts and set limits.

And more

Accessing the new Raiz mobile app

Android users– Following the upgrade, on July 25th, you will need to delete your current Raiz app and download the new Raiz mobile app from Google Play.
Download the Raiz Google Play app here.

Apple users– Following the upgrade, on July 25th, an update will be required for your mobile app to access the new version. If you do not have automatic updates enabled, you will need to manually update it. Download the Raiz iOS app here.

To get a sneak preview of what our new digital banking app will look like, click here.


New Raiz mobile app resource hub


It doesn't have to be difficult to manage your finances. Whether you prefer to use a computer, smartphone, or any other device, digital banking solutions from Raiz make it easy to keep all your financial information close at hand.


Online Bill Pay

Now you can view, manage, pay bills, and set up recurring payments all in one place.

Learn more

Mobile app

Download the Raiz mobile banking app on your Apple or Android device to get access to banking tools in the palm of your hand.

Account alerts

Feel the peace of mind that comes from knowing your funds are safe. With digital banking alerts, you can know right away if there is suspicious activity on your accounts.

Learn more

Make transfers

No matter where you are, you can easily log in and transfer funds between accounts, even from your smartphone or mobile device with our mobile banking app.

And more

Mobile check deposit

Save yourself a trip to the branch

With mobile check deposit, you can deposit checks by endorsing, taking pictures of the front and back, and then uploading them to your Raiz mobile banking app with just a few clicks.


Keep your records secure and eco-friendly

You don't have to sacrifice eco-friendliness for peace of mind. With eStatements, you can have both! Just log in and view your statements as soon as they are available.

Why Choose Raiz?

Our financial experts are some of the best, but really our motivation is you. Here is what we are doing today to reach a brighter tomorrow.


We work hard to make your money work for you. Reap the benefits of our innovative products and services that provide you with high dividend checking accounts, low interest on loans, and great rates on savings and retirement accounts.


Your money never sleeps, and neither do we. Raiz members have 24/7 access to digital banking and an online support chat available to help with all your banking needs.


We don’t just want to help you manage your money, we want you to thrive! Raiz provides free, award-winning online courses that cover an array of topics for every stage of your life.

Start your financial journey today.

Rising up our community is what drives us forward. We dedicate our time, funds, and resources to organizations and initiatives that are committed to making a difference.

How it works

Start managing your accounts with the ease of using your smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop. All it takes is just a few steps.

  • 1

    Click "Enroll now"

    Get started with the click of a button.

  • 2

    Follow the setup steps

    We'll guide you through a short series of steps to help set you up with Digital Banking.

  • 3

    Manage your money

    Once enrolled, you'll be able to sign in on your computer or mobile device and manage your online banking account.

Enroll now

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We’re happy to help you every step of the way!

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Digital banking

In this age of technology, managing your finances is a breeze

When you enroll in digital banking, you'll be able to manage your Raiz account conveniently no matter where life takes you.


Top system upgrade digital banking questions

  • If you currently use digital banking, your username will remain the same, but passwords will need to be updated for your protection. If you currently have a forward slash (“/”) or backslash (“\”) as part of your username, it will be converted to an underscore (“_”) after the system upgrade. Please use the underscore as part of your username at first login after the system upgrade.

  • When you log into digital banking, you will still see your account information on the Home screen, but it will have intuitive navigation, easier account management, and an overall improved look and feel.

  • No. The change in account numbers will not impact your online Bill Pay payments.

  • No. You will not have to re-establish your external transfers in digital banking.

  • Yes. Your transaction history will still be available in digital banking; however, the information displayed may look different.

  • Previously scheduled payments will not be affected. Any payments scheduled prior to July 16 or any payments scheduled to be paid during the blackout period will process as normal. You can learn more about the scheduled blackout period for Bill Pay here.

  • Transfers to Raiz accounts created prior to 7/24/23 are viewable within Digital Banking but cannot be edited. To edit or cancel a transfer, please submit a secure message request or contact us at 877-378-3281

    Transfers to Raiz accounts created after 7/24  can be edited or canceled within Digital Banking. To do so, select Transfer/Pay, select Scheduled Transfers, then select the transfer you wish to edit. The option to edit or cancel your scheduled transfer will then appear.

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