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Raiz Federal Credit Union’s Contribution to UTEP’s Public Administration Program

March 27, 2024

Last month, Raiz Federal Credit Union proudly championed the aspirations of students pursuing a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) through their Pick a Project campaign. With a match donation of $3,500, Raiz effectively doubled its impact, totaling a commendable $7,000 investment in the future of public service leaders.

This donation extends beyond its monetary value, representing a commitment to fostering growth and development in individuals dedicated to making a difference. Dr. Eric J. Boyer, Director of the Master of Public Administration Program at UTEP, expressed profound gratitude for Raiz Federal Credit Union’s support, highlighting transformative opportunities for graduate students.

“The generosity of Raiz Federal Credit Union will support graduate students in seeking careers in public service through tuition scholarships, funding to attend city-wide and state-wide conferences with government and nonprofit leaders, and stipends to enable them to complete unpaid internships with local nonprofit and government agencies. This type of support enables students to advance in their studies and careers by forming professional connections and developing professional experience in the public and nonprofit sectors. We deeply appreciate Raiz’s contribution as we know the transformative effect it will have on the career trajectories of our students. Thank you.”

Raiz’s contribution empowers students to pursue academic and professional aspirations. Students can focus on their studies by alleviating financial burdens through tuition scholarships. Funding for conferences provides:
  • Networking and knowledge exchange opportunities.
  • Enriching their academic journey—stipends for internships bridge academic theory and practical application.
  • Cultivating essential skills and fostering civic responsibility.

The ripple effects of Raiz Federal Credit Union’s generosity will extend beyond the classroom, shaping the career trajectories of aspiring public servants and catalyzing positive change within communities. This partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to nurturing the next generation of public service leaders.

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