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Secure Member Forms

Verifying your secure form just got easier and safer.

The following secure forms can now be accessed and verified through online and mobile banking. Form requests can be made via live chat or phone at 915-843-8328.

  • Balance Transfer
  • Direct Payment
  • Mastercard® Debit Card
  • Spirit Debit Card
  • Wire Transfer



All submitted forms will require additional member verification. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Member will receive a phone call from a Raiz Member Service Representative (MSR) to verify personal information.
  2. The assisting MSR will request the member to email a copy of their state issued I.D. at the time of phone verification.
  3. Member must confirm that no recent changes to their contact information, including email, phone, and address, have been made within the last 30 days.

How It Works

  • 1

    Log into online or mobile banking

    Locate secure forms under the three-line menu.

  • 2

    Select Form

    Fill out form with your information.

  • 3

    Submit and confirm

    Once completed, digitally sign your form and submit. Your request will be processed within the same business day.


Top Questions About Member Forms

  • DocuSign eSignature is a fast and secure way to send, track and sign legal documents anytime, anywhere, on a wide variety of devices. By using DocuSign, Raiz can digitally send many of our member forms requiring a physical signature for an electronic signature.

    • You need a working email account
    • You may be asked to validate some information
    • Digitally signed documents can sometimes be processed within the same working day

    If you have a computer or smart device with internet access, and a working email, DocuSign eSignatures is an easier and faster way to bank with Raiz without a trip to one of our branches.

    1. After submitting your form to Raiz using DocuSign, a notification is sent to our team of Member Services Representatives (MSRs) for action
    2. Our MSRs will process your form relatively quickly and will reach out to you should they have any additional questions.
    3. You will receive two emails during the process.  The first will be with our secure forms partner DocuSign.  This message alerts the member that the form was completed, signed, and sent correctly.  The second email will be from one of our MSRs informing you when maintenance is complete.

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